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We’re currently trialling personalisation. Check out the links below and tell us what you think.

My Account

My Account gives you a personalised services dashboard based on your age, location and past service experiences with Queensland Government. Create your own account and try it for yourself, or test it now to find out what it’s all about.

Create My Account

How to test this service

  1. Select one of the three customer profiles below.
  2. Choose one of the following options:
    1. Explore new features (read more about My Account)
    2. Skip to sign in (then click Sign in to see the My Account dashboard)
  3. Review the dashboard features and use the tabs to see how My Account works for the customer profile you selected.
  4. Click Take the survey and give us your feedback.
  5. Try the above for each customer profile. Note how the information changes.

Charlotte Jones

Charlotte is 66
She lives in Cairns
She has a Seniors Card which has unlocked some additional options ...

Try My Account as Charlotte

Antonio Romano

Antonio is 65
He lives in Brisbane
He doesn’t have any concession cards but he seems to be eligible ...

Try My Account as Antonio

Wei Li

Wei is 62
He lives in Southport
He hasn’t verified his identity yet, see what happens when he does ...

Try My Account as Wei

You can create your own account and try it out for yourself!

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Recently launched services

With your help we’ve recently launched a new range of services. Take a look below, and tell us what you think

Queensland Government grants finder

Find Queensland Government grants and assistance programs that may help you.

See what’s on offer

Seniors concessions

Over 60? You may be eligible to apply online for money-saving concessions, including your vehicle rego, rates and utilities.

Start saving today

Managing affairs after a death

A personalised checklist to help make things a little easier for you and your family during this difficult time.

Create my checklist

Change your address

Queensland Government knows you only want to tell us once that you’re moving home. So visit our change of address service, provide your details and leave the rest to us.

Change my address

Welcome to Queensland

Find all the information, services and help you need to start a new life in Queensland.

Find services & help

My Account for seniors

My Account is a new personalised dashboard that’s like having your own digital assistant. Get reminders when your rego is due and information on relevant services

Create my dashboard

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